‘Old’ vs ‘New’ Media

Old media is typically the more traditional methods of communicating with the world, for example, newspapers, handwritten letters, books and chalkboards. As globalisation is occurring and our world is become more and more connected and reliant on technology these ‘old’ forms of media are being used less and less frequently.

Replacing the ‘old’ media in our world today is ‘new’ media – things such as Skype, Kindles, tablets and social networking sites – which are all used to make general day-to-date life a lot simpler.

One example of ‘old’ vs ‘new’ media is the hand written letter, to sending emails, to using Skype.  We have transitioned from having to spend a fair amount of time personally handwriting a letter on paper – which takes a few days to be delivered and then a few days to receive a reply – to being able to quickly type an email out, which is more cost effective and we can receive instant replies. Due to modern technology we can now go one step further, and we no longer have to spend time or energy typing emails, we can now just talk to people through a screen, where we can now personally hear and see the other person.


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