How have mobile medias shaped participatory culture?

Due to such huge advancements in mobile media, participatory culture is growing rapidly, due to everyone being able to access the same media instantly, via their mobile phones, using mobile data, 3G, 4G, and WiFi.

The smart phone app, Instagram is extremely useful for allowing your content to be seen by people from all over the world. When people post a picture to this site, the use of hashtags in the description of the picture means that people with relevant interests are likely to see your picture even if they don’t follow you, meaning it is accessible to everybody. Youtuber, Sam Pepper, produced the video below where he searched a hashtag on Instagram, and then by using the information he discovered about people from their profiles, pretended they had met before.

Just by people playing an active role in online media, we are sharing enough information about ourselves for people we have never met before to engage in a conversation with us about ourselves, meaning that mobile medias have allowed us to become involved in other peoples lives, no matter where they live, how old they are, or how different their lifestyles are, just by using these kinds of apps and websites.

I also posted a photo onto my Instagram page that I had taken at University, showing that although I may not think that I play a big part in participatory culture, I was sharing an image from my day with millions of people just by a few clicks on my mobile phone:


Worcester University Elections (2014)


By uploading this picture to Instagram, people can clearly see that I am at Worcester University as it is written on the picture, and just by doing this people from across the world can already find out personal information about me, even though we have never met.



Panter, C. 2014. Worcester University Elections. Photograph. Worcester.

Picking Up Girls Using Instagram. 2014. Los Angeles: Sam Pepper. Available at: [Accessed: 1 Apr 2014]


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