How has the Internet Changed Journalism?

After watching the documentary How Facebook Changed The World: The Arab Spring it became apparent that the internet is not just used to share pictures on Instagram, and follow boy bands on Twitter, but it has rapidly become a main source for sharing news, and allowing people in countries such as Egypt connect with richer, more connected countries such as the UK and the US, allowing us to see how different, and corrupt life is for people in these areas.

As social networking site such as Facebook have become a part of everyday life, even in poorer countries such as Egypt – where, according to Daily News Egypt, there are over 16 million Facebook users, meaning the country is ranked 17th worldwide comparing audience sizes (Farid, 2013) – people are now using the internet to share their own views and opinions, share and post news stories, and also create news and protest. Due to Slim Amamou, from Tunisia, posting videos of protest against the government on Facebook – which quickly went viral- as well as the creation of other Facebook pages; 4 governments involved in the Arab Spring were eventually overthrown and people from all over the world have been shown a ‘behind the scenes’ of the corruption in these countries that would never have been brought to our attention without the people who decided that they were going to use the internet as a tool to inform people of the happenings in their country.



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